DUE DATES:  The first half of your property taxes is due on January 31. Payments postmarked on or before the due date are on time. This first payment must be sent to the Town of Kickapoo Treasurer (not the County Treasurer) at P.O.Box 1, Readstown, WI  54652. Each parcel has its own page, therefore, if you have more than one page, you need to add the pages together for your total amount due.  It is not necessary to write a separate check for each parcel.

If you choose to pay in two installments, the second half is due on July 31 and goes directly to the County Treasurer.  Reminder notices are sent out prior to that payment due date.

RECEIPT:  Your tax bill and cancelled check should serve as your receipt for most needs. If you want a separate printed receipt, you need to request that in writing with your check and send a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 

TAX LIST:  A tax list is available showing all taxpayers in the township with the amount of their taxes. The list is available at the town website, the town office, the town dump, or you may request it in writing with your tax payment along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

MORE INFORMATION: is the county website which has information regarding any parcel of land in the county. Go to Land Information & GIS Maps on their website.

OPEN BOOK:  Every year the Town Board and our Assessor conduct an Open Book session. The purpose of this session is to answer questions and explain assessments. The date and time for this will be posted on our website and at our usual posting sights. Watch for it in the spring around May or June.

CONTACT:  For other questions or concerns, please contact the Kickapoo Town Treasurer, Karene Uhe, at 629-5848 (town office - leave a message) or 629-5041 (cell phone).



WHO NEEDS ONE:  State law requires any dog 5 months or older to have a license.

FEES:  The annual fee is $3 per dog spayed/neutered; $8 per dog if not fixed; $35 for kennel (up to 12 dogs).

RABIES VACCINATION:  You must bring the current rabies vaccination proof from your veterinarian in order to get a license.

WHERE TO BUY:  Dog licenses may be purchased through the Town Treasurer only during tax time (Dec 15 – Jan 31). Checks must be separate from your tax payment and made payable to the Town of Kickapoo. Licenses are sold any time at the County Clerk's office at the courthouse in Viroqua.

How are my property taxes calculated?


The process for computing tax bills is a complicated one.  It begins with the accessor, hired by the town, reporting all property assessments as of January 1st each year.  In the fall, each taxing jurisdiction (county, town, schools, tech colleges) certifies their tax levy numbers or the amount they need from taxpayers to operate their budget.  Each jurisdiction has different physical boundaries and, therefore, includes different properties.  All the jurisdictions’ tax levies are then turned into a mill rate, which is the amount of taxes per $1,000 of assessed property value.  These are computed for each parcel of land based on which taxing jurisdictions the property is part of.